The Ultimate Potty Training Resource!

My son Luke just turned two about a month ago. I honestly just assumed he would be a late potty trainer (because he is a boy and was premature) so I hadn’t even thought about it at all. Then, one day about a week ago he started asking to go potty on the toilet. UGH. I am not ready! I definitely didn’t want to make him think the potty was bad or anything, so when he asks me to go I take him to the toilet. Sometimes he goes and sometimes he just thinks its fun and wants to hang out there, haha. 
The reason I didn’t just potty train him right away (besides the fact that I’m not ready!!!) is that at the time he started asking we were leaving for our annual beach vacation in less than a week (now we are there, yay)! I just didn’t have it in me to potty train him while packing and working overtime to try to leave just to have to run him a mile to a nasty bathroom every twenty minutes at the beach. 
So. I promised myself that if he still seems ready, when we get home from the beach I am going to attack this potty training thing (ugh, no!) The good news is that I am a researcher and I have two 8 hour drives to study the topic, haha. So here are the articles I’ve rounded up for myself so far in case any of you are researchers as well! 
From what I’ve read so far, there are a lot of different opinions, methods, and a few things that everyone says the same. I put up a few articles that I completely disagree with as well, just because more than one opinion is allowed, and I figured some of you will probably agree with them! 
Ready to get readin? 

So, are you feeling more confident? Or way overwhelmed? If it is possible, somehow I am feeling both! Haha. Pretty pretty please, if you have any real life tips or advice for me leave them in the comments! Heaven knows I need all the help I can get.

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  • Hilary Smith

    Good luck! My son did the same thing at about 19 months and it was difficult. But now that he is potty trained it is amazing! So much easier than diapers.

  • ksbrownie

    When potty training your child you must have patience. By looking over the list of articles , you should be prepared.