SwagBucks: Get paid for what you’re already doing

I have been using SwagBucks for a little over a year now, and I love it. At first I was apprehensive about it. I didn’t think it would be worth my time, but I noticed that all of my favorite financially savvy bloggers were doing it, so I figured I would stick it out and see if the reward would change my mind. It did. Last year, I earned a pretty good amount of Amazon credits, just by adding about ten minutes of Swagbucks into my day in between the other stuff I was already doing. I wasn’t hyper-aggressive about it until the fall when I decided I wanted to pay for some of our Christmas that way. I earned the same amount I had made in the previous nine months,  in three and was able to spoil my husband and family members with what I had earned! Since at first I was a little confused about how it worked, I am posting some answers to questions people have asked me as well as tips and tricks I have learned along the way!


How do I sign up? 
Just fill out the form here!

What is SwagBucks?
It is a search engine that periodically awards points, called SwagBucks as you use the search. You can also earn SwagBucks by doing a slew of other things on the website, such as taking advantage of special offers, buying daily deals, watching videos and so on. The SB can be redeemed for many different prizes after you accumulate certain amounts. My personal favorite prize is the Amazon gift card. There are a bunch of other gift cards or prizes available too, and you can even get cold hard cash by redeeming a Paypal gift card. It takes about ten days after you redeem your prize for it to show up in your account, but once you get on a roll with this you can have them coming in pretty often.

A few tips to help you get started earning:

Do you use google or another search engine throughout the day?
Switch over and try swagbucks. You might as well earn a little extra on the side while you’re doing it right?

Do you find yourself reading celebrity gossip? Looking at home improvement sites? Searching Pinterest for new recipes or  craft ideas?
Swagbucks TV has videos for all kinds of things, and you can earn swagbucks by just running the videos. I usually keep the TV window up while I am doing homework or browsing my favorite sites and periodically click back to start a new video. You can earn up to 100 SB per day just by doing that!

Do you print coupons?
Each coupon you print and redeem at a store earns you SB.

Special Offers
When you sign up for Swagbucks, one of the hottest special offers they have is when you sign up for a Netflix free trial (one month) you are awarded $1000 SB! That makes $10 in Amazon credit plus a little extra. If you are interested in nothing else, take advantage of this free offer! (Just remember to cancel your trial before the free period ends, if you aren’t planning on keeping the service.)

There are tons of other special offers, just remember to only sign up for things that you feel are trustworthy, and not too good to be true. A lot of the special offers will ask you to fill out a form with your e-mail, street address and phone number, etc. I rarely sign up for these. They are most likely the kinds of offers that will share your information with their affiliates- which you don’t want, right? Spam city. So be careful out there! The best special offers are the videos you can watch, facebook offers or legitimate deals.

SwagBucks Toolbar
By installing the SB toolbar on your browser, you earn 1 SB per day automatically.

NOSO’s and Daily Polls
Swagbucks has No Obligation Special Offers, that when you go through the sequence and click skip through all of them (four or five usually) you get 2 SB at the end. There is also a poll every day, where when you click your answer, you are awarded 1 SB. It takes 30 seconds. Take advantage of how easy these two are!

Daily SB opportunities:

Daily poll 1 SB  
NOSO’s     2 SB  
Toolbar    1 SB

Theres the easiest 4 SB you can get. Do this every day, then just watch some videos or peruse the special offers, and use the search and you are well on your way to at the VERY least $120 in free stuff this year!

If you decide you want to earn 15 SB/day thats one $5 Amazon gift card per month. That is so easy! Anything extra on top of that just helps you earn more faster. What are you waiting for?

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  • A Mankato Resident

    you can print out coupons you don’t use and place them by the products in the grocery store. Other people use them and you get the swagbucks