Star Wars Date + Light Saber Pops Tutorial

If there was anything I thought I’d never like, it was Star Wars. I had never watched a Star Wars movie all the way through, until, gasp, last Valentine’s day. I honestly have almost an aversion to sci-fi. So when I started dating my husband Jacob, and hanging out with his family a lot, I quickly realized I had no idea what they were referencing about half the time. It turned out that it was indeed Star Wars. They are enthusiasts, like most people in the world are because they were groundbreaking movies, but I still didn’t want anything to do with it. That was until after maybe two years of marriage and I thought “I am really sick of not knowing what they mean when they talk about chewy, jabba, and talk like yoda, etc. so maybe I should just watch the movies.” Plus, my man had gone to three midnight premiere’s of Harry Potter movies with me, sooo… yeah. We made a party out of it, invited friends, and had a movie night. Then I fell asleep about twenty minutes into the first movie. Oops. He was not happy! So, as what I thought was a grand romantic gesture, last Valentine’s day, our 3-year anniversary, I surprised Jacob with a home-made Star Wars themed card and I borrowed the three classic movies from the library. I promised him I would not fall asleep! He was thrilled and although it took us an entire week to watch all three, I finally get the references. Ewoks are my favorite.

Recently I saw this idea for making otter pops into light sabers and I thought, now that is something any Star Wars lover would want! I think I could get into that. I’m always up for making things a little more festive. So I made some, and I can’t tell you how easy and inexpensive this was. I just used felt, a little bit of fabric glue, and scissors!  Scroll down for the tutorial…

All you need is
3-4 sheets of felt; gray, black and any other star wars-y colors.
No-Sew fabric glue or glue gun
Fabric scissors
Otter pops
Ruler or Tape Measure if you want

Cut your gray felt piece into 3″ x 4″rectangles, one for each light saber sleeve you plan to make
Cut three thin black strips about 3″ long, per sleeve “
Cut one black circle and one colored circle per sleeve “

Wrap your gray felt pieces around an otter pop and slip off, still in wrapped position. Secure bottom shut with glue, as well as sides and top (but don’t glue the top opening shut.)

Glue stripes and buttons on to front. I found it was best to have the ends of the stripes meet in the middle of the back, so the front will look smoother.

Let glue dry, and make sure your otter pops are freezing, so you can enjoy a sweet light saber pop!

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