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Guest Post: The Anywhere Outfit

Hi ladies! I’m a twenty-something sarcastic, curly-haired chocoholic – but you can call me Michelle. 
Sarah + Jessica were nice enough to have me guest post today. Normally, I blog over at Wishful Thinking, where I write about design, fashion, music, thrifting, DIY projects and my new puppy. Everything you see on my blog is $100 or less. Truth be told, that’s often too pricey for me. Most things fall right under the $40 mark.

Today, I put together something I like to call the anywhere outfit. For me, summer means picnics, concerts, bbqs, weddings and graduation parties. It also means job interviews, lunch with mom and grocery shopping. I need an outfit that can handle it all – for CHEAP! These items range from $1.80-$22.00 each, so they won’t break the bank. I recommend pairing some pieces you see here with ones already hanging in your closet. There’s really no reason to buy a fifth brown belt!
I hope you like what I’ve put together. Please stop by my blog and say hi! I love meeting new bloggers. If you really want to stay connected, you can also find me on Etsy, on Twitter, on Facebook and on Pinterest. Thanks for reading; I look forward to meeting you all.