How to get a FREE Redbox!

Okay guys, this might change your life. Do you love Redbox? Guess what. It’s free. Say what? There are promo codes available, each giving you one movie, one night free. You can use each code once per credit card. So no, there are not unlimited free movies, but you can get a good few for free for a night. I am going to share with you a few of the codes that always work, and then show you how to find the ones that usually just last one or two days for after you use up those “always” codes. Husband and I have seriously never paid for one on the first night… sometimes we forget to return them and get charged a dollar for the next day. Oops! But I guess that’s why they release them right?! If you have been paying for them every time, those little charges add up, and they have even raised their prices recently! So welcome to your new, free movie-watching way of life. I always share free music and other cool freebies here whenever I find out about them. To never miss a freebie, follow us on GFC (right sidebar!) or Feedburner, Twitter, FB, Bloglovin’, G+, etc!  For more information on Redbox and to get an exclusive free code visit – How It Works.

Redbox promo codes that (usually) work at any kiosk:


Codes that work at Redbox kiosks at specific stores:
DVDATWAG – Good at any kiosk at a Walgreens store.
DVDATKROG – Good at any kiosk at a Kroger affiliated store (for Utah it’s Smiths)
DVDATSONI – Good at any kiosk at a Sonic Drive-In

And then after you have used all of these codes with all of your different debit/credit cards, you can visit Inside Redbox and the ones that have been working most recently will be shown. If you have a smart phone you have an advantage and you can just look them up right while you are at the kiosk. If you don’t, before you go make sure to write down a handful of them because some are time-sensitive and you might get a dud, but one of them is bound to work!

So… are you thinking about grabbing some pizza and a free movie and staying home friday night? Cause I am.

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UPDATE: A few people have expressed concern that using these codes is hacking or stealing. Redbox has released these codes and made them available. A promotional code is meant for promoting the business, getting people to the kiosk in hopes that they like the service and will come back as a paying customer in the future. I have no doubt that they would disable them if they no longer desired them to be available for the public to take advantage of. The image claiming that you “never pay for redbox again” was not meant to be taken literally, but it could be if you would on only get Redboxes when there is a free code available and are impeccable at turning them in before your 24 hour trial period is up. I apologize to those who misunderstood my intentions in writing this post. I honestly just wanted to promote the Redbox service by sharing my knowledge about the promotional codes that have earned them my business over other competitors. 

ANOTHER UPDATE: I was contacted by Redbox, they like this post and thanked me for writing it and linking to their site.  

ANOTHER UPDATE: I wrote this post a year ago, so some of these codes are no longer working in all areas. I don’t think there is any room for me to say “always” anymore but you can definitely try them and it’s likely that some of them will work. I’m still having luck with a few of them. Also, if you sign up for Redbox e-mail or text alerts they send free codes out pretty often!
  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the codes! It is great to know that they always have some kind of code that I can look up. I use the Blockbuster@Home service for myself, but the kids love the experience of going and picking out a movie so these codes work out for all of us. A co-worker at DISH told me to try out this service because I could get new releases 28 days before Redbox and it is only $10 a month. I also found out that I could use my streaming service still on my new Hopper receiver. The kids will be excited to go get a movie tonight.

  • Sarah

    I have been wondering about the Blockbuster service!! I have never heard of the hopper either, something to look into? That’s good to know. Thanks for commenting, Anonymous!

  • Anonymous

    Anythime! YOu should look into it. I love the service!

  • Pigeon Guy

    yes, I have exploited redbox and their free rental codes but you have to remember, If everyone used the free rental codes all the time they would go out of business and would no longer be available. use it sparingly but also pay for it to keep them in business.

  • Anonymous

    I second Pigeon Guy, I have been using their free codes forever but if they get abused it will be gone for everyone. Please take this post down.

    • Anonymous

      So its okay for you to use their free codes forever, but when the rest of us learn about it, you want her to take it down? Boy isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Anonymous

      Redbox doesn’t make their money on the first night of a rental–the real money comes on the second or third night. Like Sarah said, sometimes they forget to return the dvd and end up paying for an extra day. The reason Redbox offers promo codes in the first place is because they know that a large percentage of the people who use the codes will end up paying for extra rental days.

  • Beth

    I am also having a moral dilemma over this…are these “meant” for us, or a specific user? This is all over Pinterest now…if Redbox is smart, they will change the way they work soon…But of course they are counting on those who “forget” to return in 24 hours, and get charged an extra day or so…

  • Sarah

    While I do understand your concerns, Pigeon Guy, Anonymous and Beth- I am sure that Redbox has released these codes in order to get people to their kiosks and in hopes that they will generate more revenue than they would have had they not offered them. They are the ones who have offered the free rentals and I don’t believe they would do so if they didn’t feel it was financially safe to. Like any other coupon offer, I’m sure the rewards are much greater than the losses. :)

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. They entice you with codes to get you in. Its all to common that we forget to return our movie the next day, so they always make money on your forgetfulness :)

  • Katie

    this is awesome!! thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    You can only use the codes once per credit card, so no they wont go out of business

  • Anonymous

    They are banking on the people that forget to take them back and end up paying $7.00 for a free rental

  • Anonymous

    I agree that they won’t go out of business. I mean, seriously? Redbox puts codes on cereal boxes and all over that people can see right from the store. Give me a break. It says only 1x per card. And I only have 1 card, so once I go through them all, then I’ll be done with free movies. I live out of town, so usually I get 2-3 movies at once, and there are times that I forget to take them back the next day when going BACK to town, so I end up paying the extra $1.20 per movie. I hope these codes work because I plan on using some. I need to put them in my phone so I’ll have it all times.

  • jlb89

    Dvdonme is free code too!

  • C Gill

    Hate to be Debbie Downer here. These codes are only free with a new credit card. Once the machine recognizes your CC with the code it denies the code. We’ve used all our cards at least once to get a free DVD but after you use the code with each card, you no longer get it free.

    • Anonymous

      Yes,actually Sarah said that in her post. So I’d say you are hardly being a ‘debbie downer.’

  • Michele Alger

    COOL! thank you so much for sharing…I am a red box fanatic and can’t wait to put this to use. i was already planning to head there today. you saved me a buck-twenty-whatever!! ;)

  • Torres Family

    Doesn’t this seem a little dishonest? I’m all for coupons but this doesn’t seem right:(

    • Sarah

      I don’t feel that way. I don’t think that Redbox would offer the coupon codes for a free night if they didn’t want people to take advantage of them.

  • Tracy

    DVDNIGHT did not work for me today…it said invalid promo code