Homemade Bubble Solution!

My son Luke is currently obsessed with bubbles. The screen saver on my computer is bubbles and every time it comes on he dances around and says “bubble!” Naturally, he also loves blowing bubbles. The issue is, he is a very independent almost 2 year old who wants to do everything BY HIMSELF thank you very much. As you can imagine, we have spilled 10 million jumbo jars of bubbles from Walmart. Okay fine I exaggerate.. 10 thousand. Okay, okay. Maybe just 10.. but I am still totally sick of running to the store for bubble mix because it keeps him entertained and I can’t resist his little “bubbles? Momma, bubbles??” 
I realize store bought bubbles are not expensive, but making them yourself is not just more frugal, it is more convenient. It makes a big batch and I had everything I needed in my pantry, bonus! I left most of my bubbles untinted, but I used one drop each of food coloring in these three, and Lukey has loved bringing the colored bubbles outside to play. Also, how cute would these be for party favors?? I think I might stock up on plastic (aka: toddler friendly) containers (I am thinking empty peanut butter jars with the lids spray painted?) and give them as favors for the kids at Luke’s birthday in a few months. 

Here’s the recipe. It’s so easy it’s like a busy momma’s dream.

6 cups hot water
3/4 cups corn syrup
1 1/2 cups dish washing liquid soap (I used kirkland brand.. I’m sure most any would work)
Whisk all ingredients together in large bowl until combined. Separate into storage containers. I filled up all the empty bubble containers that I had saved first, and then went to these jars. Also, I bought a pack of bubble wands at Walmart (similar to these but cheaper) so that we will never run out of wands or bubble solution again. Can I get a woot woot?? Now go outside, play and enjoy!!

For your viewing pleasure: Luke and his two best buds trying to catch the bubbles! 

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