Happy Weekend: Links to Love

Sarah’s check in:

Hey guys! I am moving as we speak. So excited that it appears I won’t have to do this again for quite a while. So since I’m doing that and Jessica is on vacation, we decided not to do Links to Love this week, but if you want to see my new house you can tour it here on Happiness and Lace. Yay! You can also check out the spooky eyeball treats I made last weekend right here. Also, don’t forget that we will have two more posts from our contributors this weekend :)

Jessica’s check in:

Right now I am totally partying it up in Chicago you guys! How crazy and fun is that? Like Sarah mentioned, no links this week, I just want to say simply that I love you guys! If you want to know the details of my trip I will post about it next week on my personal blog or you can follow me on instagram for pics! 
Have a blessed weekend!