Happy Weekend: Links to Love

Sarah’s Links to Love:
This little door mat from Urban Outfitters needs to be mine. I’ve been meaning to try doing a door mat DIY so maybe I will try to copy this!

This “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” meme is spot on.

And these dinosaur corn on the cob holders are so incredibly rad. I want to make them!

Remember last week when I said I don’t know when I would wear this? Well on Sunday my church asked me to be a young women’s leader which means I am most likely going to a week-long girl’s camp in July. In the Louisiana Bayou. (!!!) So, I will definitely be wearing that to a) protect myself from mosquitos b) hide from gators and c) try to be exactly like Willie, Jace, Phil and Uncle Si. But guys, I’m not going to eat squirrels or frog legs. I mostly just mean I’m going to try to love nature like they do. I am genuinely excited about this.

Jessica’s Links to Love:

Guess what guys.. I am going to be on TV talking about this little (not so little?) blog of ours. I am totally freaking out. The funny thing is, I typically don’t get nervous about things like this. If Sarah were here I would be fine, but I think I am worried that I won’t represent us well on my own, haha. I don’t want to give a bad impression to anyone who hasn’t been on PP before. I will keep you posted on details via FB and Insta and I’ll post the link on the blog once it’s over! 
Other than that, we have been partying it up here in St. George, mommy-with-two-kids-in-tow style. Playing a lot with friends, swimming, swig, early morning park visits and splash pads all in one week! 
So.. how about some great links? I am loving these embroidery wrapped hair combs by Clothed Much. They look super easy to make too!
I am trying really hard to be healthy, so naturally I am craving fattening mexican food like these nummy looking avocado chicken enchiladas! Someone try them for me and tell me if they are worth it, pretty please?? They look so good.
I love painting my nails. Really I love having them done for me but it is just not in the budget right now, so I paint them myself if I ever get a minute. For some reason it just makes me feel pretty. My favorite brand right now is ULTA, and I found this ULTA polish on Amazon for only $2.99! Happy dance! 
Happy weekend friends, thanks for reading our blog, we think you’re rockin’ awesome.