Happy Weekend: Links to Love!

Sarah’s Links to Love:

Wooo! TGIF! This week was a doozy. It started out super fun with family still in town, and then after they left I was playing catch-up all week. Work, cleaning, laundry, etc.

I’ve been having fun exploring this new site called Luvocracy. I’m going to post about it tomorrow because it’s so awesome! You could say I have a new obsession.

I love when a cute shirt is under $10. Forever 21 is having a huge sale on all their summer stuff right now! Tons of deals.

The husband and I have been looking at houses online a lot. Like, last night it’s all we did for four hours straight. We fell hard for this cute blue house, but then realized that there is an A/C box in the front window, which means there is no central air. Which is no bueno in Houston. Soooo we will probably have to keep looking!

This print is everything I love wrapped into one.

Jessica’s Links to Love:

Last Sunday we had Luke’s big second birthday bash. It was so much fun, and everything turned out better than I could have hoped! It’s gonna be on the blog Wednesday, so stay tuned for that! We have been spending the week back at home with family which is always fun, but I miss my Bryce, who is on the way here from the airport as we speak… woo hoo! 
Do any of you guys watch the bachelorette (guilty pleasure) I mean, I cannot wait for Monday’s finale. Poor Des. I am a Brooks lover though and I am praying he comes back. Considering that is the most real emotion I’ve ever seen on the show, I think they have a real shot of making it. Haha. 
Also, you know how motherhood is super glamorous? Both my kids threw up on me today. I don’t even think they are sick. So I’m on my third outfit and you better believe it is jammies. 
Speaking of jammies who wants to eat a treat?? These are calling out to me.. thanks six sisters! 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!