Fun and Easy DIY Advent Calendar

I am one of those people who loves tradition. My parents established so many great traditions in our home and I loved looking forward to them each year and being part of something fun. Ever since I was married and had a place of my own I’ve searched for an advent like my parents had. It was a big “stable” made up of individual wooden boxes, one for each day, and in each box was a candy kiss for each of the kids. I loved it because you could fit a candy for everyone, there was no fighting or taking turns. Everyday was a good day for everyone.

I’m still searching for my perfect advent, but I am really pleased with how this one turned out. It is fun, festive, holds a candy for each member of our family each day, was super cheap to make, adds to the decor in the house, and also keeps track of all the Christmas activities we are hoping to do as a family this season.

Here’s how to make your own:

All you need is brown lunch bags, clothespins, some kind of twine/yarn/ribbon, candy to put inside and decorative paper (if you would like to do the Christmas activity part as well). Oh, and scissors, tape and a black marker.

First, I numbered all my bags and filled them with one candy per person per day (chocolate for me, air heads for Bryce, smarties for Luke’s emergency diaper bag candy).

Next, figure out where you want to put your advent. Originally I had planned on hanging it in one really long strand, but couldn’t find the right spot. Eventually I decided that a more clustered look is cuter, but do what you prefer! I put mine on my pantry door, which made it super easy to hang, because I just taped the twine to the inside of the door with electrical tape. After your strings are hung, hang your bags on the string using your clothespins.

Using my scrapbook paper I made the “DAYS LEFT” heading, because I like counting down not up! I then cut the remaining paper into squares and wrote activities that we are looking forward to doing together this season. Here are a few examples: go on a drive to see the lights, watch a Christmas movie, bake cookies, deliver neighbor gifts, perform an act of service, make Christmas cards, read the Christmas story in Luke, sleep under the Christmas tree, etc. Add your activity cards and your advent should be ready to go!

I really like how it turned out! What do you think?

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