Fabric Scrap Headband Tutorial

Just in case you missed my guest post over at See Vanessa Craft, I thought I would re-post it today, hope you guys enjoy it! 

The project I am going to share today is SO easy. I made six headbands for under $4.00. True story.

All you need for this project is:
fabric scraps
cheap headbands
hot glue
needle & thread

The first thing you will do is cut your fabric into long, thin strips. Mine were about one inch wide, and I just guessed on the length. Even if you don’t have fabric scraps, you can buy fabric scraps at Walmart for under $1.00, so the project is still dirt cheap!

The headbands I bought were little girl headbands in a pack of six at Walmart. Here is how this whole project started, I like headbands, but I hate wearing them because they always give me a massive headache after an hour! Somehow I discovered that the little girl ones don’t do this. They come up a little higher than most headbands do (not right over your temples) because my head is bigger than a little kid, and they aren’t as tight, I love them! The problem is, they always come in bright, cheesy colors.

Enter fabric scraps.

Next, you just start gluing and wrapping your headband. All it takes is a very light line of hot glue down the middle of your scrap. The end is a tiny bit tricky, but just fold and wrap until you’re all covered. 

When you get to the end, wrap the bottom and come back up the headband a little. It is more secure if you don’t stop right at the end where the headband will rub. 

I left some of my headbands plain (without flower) for days when I want to be a little more casual or unobtrusive.

If you’d like to add the flower on yours, first, create your flower. For detailed instructions on how to do the one pictured, see this post. Basically, you cut another long fabric scrap about an inch wide. Then, turn your fabric around itself tacking into place with your needle and thread to secure until you reach desired size.

After your headband is wrapped and your flower is made, cut out a little circle (of felt or fabric) just smaller than your flower. Place the flower on one side of the headband and your circle on the other and hot glue into place!

Oh, and did I mention this whole thing will take you less than 1/2 hour? My kinda craft! Let me know how yours turn out!

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    super cute!!! I’ll try to make one!! :)

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