DIY Project Inspiration: Vintage Card Catalog

Hey guys! I am gonna show you a little preview of something I’m starting to redo, and also ask for your advice.
I was given this card catalog style cabinet by a family member and I think it’s awesome. I am, however, finally trying to refinish all of my hand-me-down furniture and maybe possibly get it to kind of match. The dark cherry color is not jiving with the rest of my stuff! So I’m going to fix it up and I already know it’s gonna be my favorite thing. I’ve been finding some really great inspiration around the web. I am totally in love with the way this one from small notebook looks.
vintage card catalog inspiration
It’s gorgeous. I don’t think I can change the color of mine and still keep the natural wood look, because it appears that mine was completely soaked in the dark stain. It’s kinda laminate-y. But a girl can dream about that natural look, right!? But I also love this painted one from oakland avenue. That color is amazing.
vintage card catalog inspiration
I’m toying with the ideas of something dark like that, or maybe a lighter blue, gray or green color. I am so excited to get started on this but I definitely want to be sure I’m making the right color choice before I start! Do any of you have any suggestions? or experience with re-staining cheaper wood? (if I thought there was a chance I might try!)