Children’s Board Books that are Worth Your Money!

Those of you who read the blog know how much I love reading. It is my all time favorite hobby and one of my biggest dreams is to have a “library” in my house. I don’t spend money on many things, but I never feel guilty about buying books (by the way, you can find amazing deals on books at thrift stores and garage sales). I honestly believe that the books I read made me who I am in part. Books stimulate learning, development, creativity, compassion and sense of humor. In this technology obsessed world our children need us to teach them to love books. Okay, okay… I’ll get off my soapbox. 
Anyway, my friends are always asking me for book recommendations, and it is hard to narrow down my favorites because I have so many! Today, I thought I would narrow down my very, tippy top,  favorite children’s board books. These are perfect books to start out your library with. I read these from infancy, and my two year old still loves them. If you don’t have children yet or your children are grown, they work great as shower gifts, and most of them are really inexpensive!
We love these books by Leslie Patricelli. They are simple, but so fun. Not only do they teach kids about opposites (obviously) but they are funny and inventive all the while. Luke loves whispering the quiet words and emphasizing the loud words.. so much fun. 

I absolutely love these books by Maryann Cusimano Love and Illustrated by Satomi Ichikawa. If I am going to be honest, they make me tear up almost every time I read them! The first book is about the parent/child relationship and the second is about a grandparent/grandchild. The metaphors are perfection and the imagery is beautiful. I can guarantee that as you read this book at least once you will think, “yes! That is us! I just never could have said it so well.” A must for the library. 
by Lisa Mccourt and illustrated by Cyd Moore. The best thing about this book is that I could totally picture a child saying what the little one in the book is saying, but the parent just won’t be tricked out of loving the little stinker. A sweet, fun, story your little ones will love. 

I am a huge Sandra Boynton. She is so, freakin’ creative. I love the fact that even as a parent I cannot predict what she is going to say next. These are books that you can read over and over and over again without wanting to trash them when you little ones aren’t looking. Major bonus. Oh, and just so you know, these aren’t even all her books! She has so many good ones, it honestly was hard for me to narrow it down to six!

Okay, these books by Alice Schertle are beyond adorable. Dear Alice, please write more books! Love, the Bailey’s. These books have class, charm and fabulous illustrations by Jill McElmurry. Love, love, love.

Classic book by Bill Martin and illustrated by Eric Carle. There are a million versions of this book, but I particularly recommend the “slide and find” edition. Luke loves to slide the little doors and see what will be hiding underneath. Hours of fun people, I’m telling you.

By Caroline Jayne Church. I love this song because it reminds me of my babies. I always sing them this song, so they loved having pictures to go with. Sweet and simple. 

These books from Lara Ede are so fun. They have sweet stories, and your kids will love the carry-me handles and all the fun colors and textures that are part of the touch and feel. Work those senses babies! 

Well, I hope this helps some of you who are looking to invest a little in your little ones brains and imaginations! If you have all of these or want more suggestions, email me, I am happy to talk books, anytime. Here’s to reading more and shutting of the TV. Woot, woot.

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