Life is Tough, But So Are YOU Printable

Hi Pretty Providence fans. It’s me, Erika, over from Life Unfluffed here to share with you another free printable.

life is tough but so are you
These last couple of months I have come to a realization–Life is tough, man! There are so many ups, downs, and everything in between. And, sometimes it’s really really hard to try to cope and remember how strong you really are. But, you guys! We are all so strong and so able to weather any storm life may throw our way. [Read more…]

4th of July Pinwheel Craft with Free Printables!

Mix and match these free printables to make cool Fourth of July Pinwheels! {}

Hi, everyone. It’s Heidi, from One Creative Mommy. I’m so excited to share these printable pinwheels for the Fourth of July! Do you have any idea how easy it is to make a pinwheel? Seriously. I don’t know why I’ve bought them for my kids so many times. They’re super quick and easy.
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Hospital Bag Checklist

Free printable hospital bag checklist for having a baby! This covers it all!

Since we both have tiny babies at home we decided it was high time we share this hospital bag checklist that we both used to get prepared to go deliver!  This list has everything you really need to take to the hospital to have a baby plus a few spots for adding your own things. You can totally pare it down to less stuff if you want, too. We made a copy you can print (for free!) as well.  [Read more…]

Surprise Breakfast Picnic + Free Printable Picnic Invitations

This post is brought to you as part of Kimberly Clark’s #celebratefamilyvalues campaign! As always, all thoughts, ideas, and opinions are 100% our own!
I love this "surprise" picnic idea! The free printable picnic invites are super cute too. Great way to get together with friends with minimal cost and mess! Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you are all out celebrating with loved ones. Memorial Day always feels like the official start of Summer to me, and since schools around here got out on Thursday, I feel totally justified in that! Family outings are a bit harder now with our 3rd little still being so young, but last weekend I wanted to get the family out of the house to do something fun. We were all so. cooped. up. I wanted something that would get the little ones excited and all of us out of the house, without it being a germy/stressful atmosphere or taking a ton of prep. I decided on a “surprise breakfast picnic” and it was such a hit!

Here’s what I did:  [Read more…]