Day of the Dead Flower Wreath

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When the leaves start to change and the cool breeze comes in from the west, I look forward to the upcoming fall season, and especially Halloween. I am one of “those” who gets out Halloween decor a month in advance.   I love the costumes, candy apples, and the macabre decorations. However, in the last several years,  my interest has grown in the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. It captured my interest because it’s quite different than the Halloween I grew up with. Day of the Dead is a holiday for remembering family and friends who have died. It’s a celebration of those who have gone, instead of a holiday about spookiness and fear. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the spookiness that comes with Halloween, but I love the traditions of the Mexican holiday as well. This week I have been pondering on some dear loved ones who have passed on, and I wanted to share my simple Day of the Dead Flower Wreath.

Day of the Dead Flower Wreath - Make this fun and simple wreath the celebrate Dia de los Muertos

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Easy DIY Flamingo Costume

This post is in partnership with Michael’s. As always, opinions and excitement are all mine.

Halloween is coming! Do you know what you’re going to dress up as yet? Do you dress up? I love it, and I only wear DIY costumes! This DIY Flamingo costume is a simple one to put together, there is no sewing involved, and you will likely have at least some of the base clothing in your closet. This is a fast halloween costume too! You can put it together in an hour once you pick up the boas & felt you need at Michael’s.  [Read more…]

Affordable Area Rugs

This post is AMAZING. Affordable area rugs - 5x7 less than $150 or 8x10 less than $200 - sorted by color!

You guys! It has been way way way too long since I did an affordable rugs post. I apologize! We all know how important area rugs are for home decor. They will make or break a room. The problem is that they can be so expensive. Yes, you can find rugs anywhere but they are not always stylish or good quality. I am always on the hunt for good, affordable rugs though and I have found a ton of them for you today. Affordable is relative, of course, but here is my parameter: 5×7 size rugs are under $150 and/or 8×10 rugs under $200!

I swear this is the time to buy rugs. Everywhere is having awesome sales. I found so many good ones that I decided to organize them by color family to make it easier for y’all to browse! You are welcome ;) I even went to World Market and bought this one yesterday – I have wanted it for like two years and the price was too low to pass up!  Two little disclaimers: 1. This post contains affiliate links (for more info go here) 2. The rugs were all in these price parameters at the time of writing the post, but I can’t guarantee that they will stay where they are at. Thank you for your time. Now, go forth and find your new favorite rug!  [Read more…]

Chon’s Chicken.. The Best Chicken Marinade.. Ever!

Literally the BEST grilled chicken marinade! I could make this once a week and my husband would be stoked! (Works in the crock-pot or oven too!)We are super lucky to live in a place where we can grill all year round, and boy do we take advantage of it! Grilling is my favorite way of cooking.. way less mess to clean up, and the flavor is amazing! That being said, even if you can’t grill this is a chicken marinade you can use ALL year round. This recipe is an old family recipe of my good friend Cori, and I can totally imagine my kids and grand-kids making it for their families in the future.. it’s that easy and that good!  [Read more…]